Welcome to the new and improved http://www.mercedes-cosworth.co.uk/. This site is devoted to my Mercedes 190e 2.5 16v, also dubbed the "Mercedes Cosworth" due to its Cosworth derived twin-cam 16v cylinder head (reputed to be so efficient that twin cam head porting would be futile). This site covers all of my 190e 16v's; the original (gone but not forgotten) G977 EGM (as seen on TV!) its replacement H206 VVF and the latest to the fold G42 FCT. Please enjoy your visit, many thanks, Steve - Webmaster & 190e Owner.


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G977 EGM
G977 EGM was my first introduction to Mercedes ownership...bought for a bargain sum, totally by chance, I never realised how hooked I become. Bought in 03 and killed in Germany in late 05 - this car had it all, awesome spec with some choice mods - also featured on Discovery Channels 'Wheeler Dealers' series....click here to find out more
H206 VVF
H206 VVF was purchased to replace G977 EGM when I'd killed her and been through the motions with the insurance company. I bought her in December 2005 after looking really hard for 3 months. I wanted a car that was as close to my first as possible in terms of specification - I ended up with this, close but not perfect although this ones turning out to be a bit of a monster.....click here to find out more


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G42 FCT is my latest venture into 16v ownership. After 2 years away and after racking up several thousand trouble free miles in a 1998 E55 AMG it got too much - much more to come on this one soon but in the meantime....click here to find out more




The Cars


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