Through ownership of several 16v's and re-building them several times, its safe to say I've undertaken pretty much every job on a 16v, and if I don't know the answer I'm pretty sure I can point you in the right direction...check back soon for more technical stuff as I'm in the process of compiling more data for fellow 190e 16v owners...much of the documentation is sourced from other online resources however, I have chosen to re-host it here - just in case!!! Much of this information originated from members over on Wherever possible I have tried to include Mercedes Benz model numbers and Mercedes part numbers - hope it helps.

If you're stuck for help then drop me a line at and I'll see what I can do.

Adobe Required For PDF:

Rear 16v Self Levelling Suspension (SLS) testing, fault finding and adjustments - PDF File Available Here

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Code Breaker - enter your VIN number to find out what options/specifications your car had from new. Link to Russian Mercerdes Owners site here

All Mercedes part numbers and exploded diagrams - priceless! This will make checking, diagnosing and order parts so much easier! - Link to Russian Mercerdes Owners site here

Spring Pad Information - all Mercedes models use spring pads to fine tune ride height based on vehicle options - PDF File Available Here

16v Buyers Guide - as seen in Mercedes Enthusiast - Jpeg images below - click for large version.

SLS (Self Levelling Suspension) & ASD (Auto Locking Diff) Hydraulic Circuits - detailing all circuits, valves and routing - jpeg files - jpeg 1 here and jpeg 2 here. These files are in German so the definitions/translations (in .doc format)  can be found here

KE-JET Diagnosis. By using a multi-meter with a Dwell setting in pin 3 of the diagnostic port on the inner wing, you will be able to read the % given from the ECU. The table to see what fault is what is available here.

A few pages from the manual showing how to set the basic position of AFM plate - this is the throttle plate that sits under the air filter. Incorrect settings can lead to poor/fluctuating idle. Jpeg images below - click for large version.

Engine Timing - EZL Knob Adjustment Info. 16v's with variable timing have an adjustment knob under the bonnet. This can be adjusted dependant on fuel types. Jpeg images below - click for large version.

Timing Chain And Valve Clearances (FORUM LINK)

The best documentation I've ever seen for KE Jetronic. It's intended for O2 sensor and cat equipped cars but most of it is the same for non-O2 cars, especially the mechanical items and general principles. Covers and 190 models with an 'E' on the badge. Jpeg images below - click for large version.

Every single Mercedes option code you could ever think of - available here or in German & English here





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